Welcome to the Richardville Reunion website, a forum to connect and share. As the tag line for a reunion of a few years ago went, “We are Richardville”. That year’s shirt listed ( or attempted to list) all bloodline relatives who belong under the banner of the name. I am proud to be called Richardville, but I am no more the essence of the family than each and every person whose last name was listed on that shirt. Over the years, attendance has thinned as people move farther away and the family line spreads out. this is a natural process of social evolution. More than one person I can imagine has entertained the thought, “why bother going, most people that go there are rude and opinionated”. Well, I’m here to say that everyone has opinions. It’s one of the things that makes people so annoying… But also one of the things which makes people, family especially, worth cherishing. So I, one co-planner of the Richardville reunion, invite one and all to again come and share; yours stories, you trials, and ,yes, your opinions. Let us revel in our difference, in our likeness. Let us be family. Let us all be “Richardville”!